Medicine & Dentistry Aspirants, we are here for you

Every step of the way.

At Ngo and Sons Academic Coaching, we aim to get you in.

Dr Truong Ngo (General Practitioner) and Mr Alex Ngo (BMed, Director of UCAT) are passionate about health.

They appreciate how competitive it is to get into Medicine & Dentistry nowadays, so they do their best to help you.

Special Medicine Information Evening

Each year Ngo & Sons organises a highly popular, free event in March – the Special Medicine Information Evening.

The evening aims to enlighten and inspire students who wish to become a doctor or a dentist.

All Year 11 & 12, University students and their parents/guardians, friends are welcome.


UCAT stands for University Clinical Aptitude Test. It is a 2-hour computer-based admissions test for many Medical & Dental schools in Australia. Year 12 students & University students are eligible to sit the exam; Year 11s are ineligible. UCAT is an aptitude (skill-based) test designed to be difficult, selecting for applicants with the most appropriate mental abilities, attitudes and professional behaviours required in medicine/dentistry.

For more information, please visit: https://www.ucatofficial.com/ucat-anz/

UCAT Enrichment Course

During the April School Holidays (starting Mon 15/04/18), Alex, our Director of UCAT, teaches a UCAT Enrichment Course, spanning 3 full days (Mon-Wed); each day for 7 hours (9am-4pm).

Each day you will learn smart strategies to attack the 5 UCAT sections:

Day 1: Verbal Reasoning + Decision Making

Day 2: Quantitative Reasoning + Abstract Reasoning

Day 3: Situational Judgement

After the UCAT Course, you will get access to shared resources (free) to practise in your own time.

A Mock Exam Day (8.30am-4pm) will be held on the Friday after the UCAT Enrichment Course, allowing you a day to revise before applying your newly acquired skills. You’ll come to appreciate the format & time pressure of the UCAT, as well as determine your percentile rank amongst your peers. Knowing where you stand is not only insightful but also highly motivating. After the exam, we will review the paper together.

Prize: The top 3 performing students will receive 30% off their next UCAT course or Mock Exam. The winners’ names will be published in the next newsletter.

*This UCAT Course is complete – You will be taught enough strategies that allow you to self-study afterwards. Attending this Course once would be enough; it is not mandatory to do again. However, many Year 11s do attend the Course again in Year 12 – for revision, consolidation, & extra learning (the UCAT Course is upgraded yearly to align with official UCAT). You’d be most welcome to do so too.

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March 1

UCAT Registrations Open (Year 12s only)

March 10 (Sun) 

4.30-7pm Ngo & Sons Special Medicine Information Evening (Free)

Cabra-Vale Diggers Club, Canley Vale 

Register here: HERE

April 15-26 (Holidays) Ngo & Sons UCAT Enrichment Course + Mock Exam Day 

Fairfield 15-17 + 19 April

Parramatta 22-24 + 26 April

Register at Fairfield or Parramatta receptions or HERE 

July 1-31 UCAT Exam 

Oct 17-Nov 12 HSC Exams 

Nov-Dec Ngo & Sons Medicine Interview Training 

Dec-Jan UAC Offers

Medicine & Dentistry Interviews

Alex, our Director of Medicine Interviews & UNSW Medicine graduate, has over 10 years of experience in interview training.

He transforms students into confident, charismatic speakers. In his own inimitable way.  

He has mentored over 300 successful students (nationally & internationally) into Medicine & Dentistry. From high school students, university students, established professionals, to international students – you name the background, he’s mentored them. He knows what he’s doing, he deliver results.

Why does Alex do what he does?

He offers two reasons:

1. I mentor students into Medicine & Dentistry because I care. It's satisfying helping good people do good things. I've seen far too many a deserving candidate fail due to poor preparation & complacency; he/she loses time, money, & ambition. I still remember how hurt I was from failing to get into Med right out of high school - dreams were [momentarily] crushed. I do not want you to endure that pain.’

2. I feel I'm quite skilful at doing what I do. Getting students into medicine & dentistry is one thing I do better than anyone else.

If you get offered interviews, congratulations! You must be excited, you’re just one step away.

Group Interview Training runs throughout November & December.

Get in touch with Alex directly at alexmedicinementor@gmail.com

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