Our History

Ngo & Sons was first founded in the 1990s by Dr Ngo's father. Dr Ngo's father is a famous Vietnamese mathematician. Mr Ngo taught in many of the top tier schools of Vietnam in the 1950s through to the 70's.Mr Ngo was educated in South Vietnam where he was one of the first to graduate in education and mathematics with a university higher degree. As a result of his outstanding academic excellence, Mr Ngo had the opportunity to pursue his tertiary studies in Medicine, Engineering or Teaching. With a passion for Mathematics and Teaching, this is exactly what Mr Ngo chose.

After the completion of his tertiary studies in teaching, Mr Ngo was invited to teach at the age of 21 at Gia Long, the leading school in Vietnam together with 16 other private schools. He has been the author of numerous textbooks on advance calculus and trigonometry.

"Dr Ngo has built this centre based on values of respect, humility and hard work"

As a result of the Vietnam War, Dr Ngo's father moved to Australia where his reputation served as a starting point for the mathematics coaching centre which exists today. Being renowned for his teaching and knowledge in mathematics in Vietnam, the migrant community in Australia approached Mr Ngo and requested he become the mentor to the future generation.

Mr Ngo retired in 1995, when his eldest son decided to take on his father's legacy, passion and knowledge of mathematics. Dr Truong Ngo, has a passion for teaching and mathematics like his father. He is also a medical practitioner. Mr Ngo's second son, Dr Quan Ngo, is currently a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Head of Liverpool Hospital Plastic Unit and lecturer at Macquarie University.

As part of the dedication to his father, Dr Ngo has built this Centre based on the values of respect, humility and hard work. He believes these values play an important role in helping students achieve their highest academic potential.

In 2015, the Board of Directors was established, governing the operation and implementation of technology into the Centre and updating all materials but at the same time continues to embrace the methodology that has been the core of this Centre.

Our visionary scholars and innovative educators, together with resources encompassing depth and breadth and our unparalleled teaching techniques will hope to provide students with a supportive environment to enrich their academic and personal development.

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