Writing Workshop

Writing is often considered a complex and difficult process to learn but in fact, relative to all other academic activities, writing requires more basic skills than perhaps any other. Many adults find writing a difficult task let alone a child who is in Year 6 who is given 20 minutes to complete a writing task. As children progress through school, writing requirements, from homework assignments and class work to note taking and tests, increase across the curriculum.

Great writing starts with strong ideas. Strong ideas come from reading as widely as possible and communicating verbally in a variety of situations. Whether it’s reading fiction and non-fiction books, or watching the news or engaging in every day conversation with family members and friends, these are all opportunities for students to develop robust thinking. As such, students at NSPC will be required to keep a reading log book which will compel students to read. As students begin to read, they will then develop a hunger for literature and with this hunger seeds ideas that the student can use to write.

Once students have bright ideas they will need to consider the form of writing. It is our belief that the best writing achieves unity in form, content and control of language. Under this belief, the goal of our Writing Workshops is to instruct students on structure and provide clarity on the best approach to writing tasks. Alongside structure and content, the workshops also emphasise correct grammar, spelling and punctuation within pieces of writing.
Few students can write with flair, energy and excitement. One of the best ways to learn this is through imitation. NSPC students are given original texts written by our teachers and then guided to imitate effective writing by adding vivid descriptions, writing with emotive language and creating characters with depth. Our writing workshop will be separate from the writing classes that are given in the core course. These intensive workshops will be held in the school holidays.