Selective Trial Test Training

In 2016 a total of 13,118 Year 5 students sat the NSW Selective School Test competing for 4,215 spots in the top schools of NSW. This essentially means that only 1 out of 3 applicants were successful. At NSPC we believe that we are able to maximize each student’s chances of becoming the 1 in 3 students who is successful in achieving a spot in one the state’s top schools.

The Selective Trial Test Training Program at NSPC consists of a series of mock exams that are in keeping with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) standards of logical reasoning questions. Similar to the OC test, the Directors of NSPC have also highlighted the move towards the natural intelligence style of questioning. This includes areas such as fluid intelligence, the ability to think and reason abstractly to effectively solve problems, diagrammatic reasoning, inductive reasoning and logical reasoning.

The Mathematics component also requires being able to think strategically and look outside the box for answers to questions involving shapes, patterns, three-dimensional solids and projections. For example, a simple textbook question may require students to interpret data from a single graph. However through observation and experience in this industry, the Directors of NSPC believe this is not enough. It is common for students to be presented with two separate graphs and asked to compare the two sets of data and then to further extrapolate or give predictions; a skill that is honed through our Selective Trial Test Training Program at NSPC.

The English component no longer assesses a student’s understanding of the text alone. The questions relating to the text all assess a student’s ability to deconstruct the abstract to determine an understanding of the underlying tones, emotions and relatability to the world we live in today. Sound knowledge of context and current events are also very important in helping students achieve success in performing well in the English component of the Selective School Test.

All the questions in the Selective Trial Test Mock Exams at NSPC have been carefully written by our Directors and are unique to this centre. They are not the simple textbook questions which only look at simple ideas. It is a firm belief that natural talent cannot be taught, however the Directors of NSPC have written exams that will allow students to become familiar with exam-style questions. Through practice, students develop skills that will greatly enhance their prospect of attaining a position in a selective school.