Science Program

Science is a subject that can engage and expand a student’s mind, changing their perspective of the world around them. It is a course aimed in broadening history and knowledge, whilst stimulating innovation. At Ngo & Sons, our teachers have designed the Science course solely to guide students as they experience their own journey in Science. We aim to build upon Science skills – questioning, testing, refining and creating, whilst educating them on important concepts in the four main branches of Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geoscience. We refine their Science skills and understanding to extend further than a syllabus and to aid in future studies held beyond high school.

Ngo & Sons Junior Science program will set foundations for students to begin building and improving. Our carefully designed program is based on the new NSW curriculum for stage 4 and 5 Science but is reordered strategically to deliver content to the students in the most understandable and relevant manner. It encompasses all aspects of Science to ease transition from Junior Science to more specialised HSC science courses such as; Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

We teach with teaching notes, which is both theoretical and practical. Classes will be equipped with necessary material to assist in demonstration of concepts, allowing the students to easily visualise and understand introduced ideas. Homework is designed to continuously test the student’s comprehension of the teaching materials, as well as stretching their boundaries to think critically and scientifically. Both homework and topic tests are of an HSC examination influence, involving multiple choice questions as well as short and long responses to train their answering ability and time management.

Ngo & Sons Junior Science is currently offered to years 7, 8 and 9. Enrolments can be done online, or by phoning or visiting reception. Year 6 Junior science courses will be available at Ngo & Sons in August 2018.