Welcome to Ngo & Sons Academic Coaching! We are a highly established coaching centre that can guide your child to achieving their full potential and higher academic success while instilling a sense of responsibility and respect.

The Centre was established by Dr. Ngo, who was taught by his father, a renowned mathematician and Mathematics teacher in Vietnam. This allows our Centre to have a unique approach to Mathematics, which has its basis in French methodology. Our Board of Directors, established in 2014, has many years of experience between them and have a great interest in educating students.

Our Centre operates on traditional Eastern values of respect, humility and hard work. We believe these values play an important role in helping students achieve their highest academic potential. Having respectful and hard-working students also ensures that our classes run efficiently and productively. Furthermore, these values emphasise the importance of respect for elders and the student’s upbringing, which in turn teaches the student to appreciate the role of their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) in contributing to their success.

Our teaching philosophy aims to engage students in content through clear explanations by our trained staff and a structured progression through topics. This is the reason our students are fast-tracked ahead of normal schooling programs and in some cases will cover material up to two years before students encounter it at school.

Our Centre operates on conservative values and adopts a very strict approach to disciplining our students. Please take this into consideration when enrolling.