Mathematics teachers

Our Mathematics teachers are selected from our very best candidates. All potential candidates are former students who have gone through the unique system at Ngo & Sons and must satisfy strict criteria before being selected for our intensive training program. To qualify as a Mathematics teacher at our Centre, all candidates complete stringent training sessions, which effectively eliminates any candidates who do not meet our high standards. Candidates who remain prospective teachers are then subjected to a series of intensive one-on-one tutorials with a Director of the Centre, to perfect the candidate’s teaching methods. Finally, after the successful completion of all prior stages of training and assessment, teachers are selected through an examination process conducted with all Ngo & Sons Directors present, where the candidate must obtain unanimous approval.

In addition to this, before teaching any senior Mathematics classes, teachers must undergo training of minimum one year, which consists of classroom observation and weekly teaching practice under the supervision of a Director. After this initial year, the teacher will then be able to teach students under the supervision of one of the Directors until they can demonstrate proficiency in all areas of teaching.

Teachers also undergo further monitoring through regular evaluation by our Coordinators. This occurs on a monthly basis and teachers who are unable to meet the evaluation criteria will undergo further training and more frequent assessment.

English teachers

Our English teachers are also selected through a stringent recruitment process. The completion or current undertaking of a degree in Education and/or the Humanities, such as Law, History or English Literature, is a minimum requirement to ensure that teachers are highly proficient in the English language. Furthermore, teachers must complete a training program and assessments before they may commence teaching our students, and are subjected to continual monitoring and assessment conducted by our Department Coordinators throughout the year.

From lawyers, published writers and psychologists, to teachers who currently teach at schools such as Sefton High School and James Ruse Agricultural High School, or currently studying Education and English at university level, we are proud to have a wide array of teachers from various backgrounds in our English Department. This provides our students with exposure to the diverse bank of knowledge and experience that is important for all English students. In addition to this, our English students are provided with exclusive insight into the HSC English course, since numerous members of our Department are invited as HSC markers by the Board of Studies every year.