Opportunity Class (OC) Exam Training

Each year, over 10,000 Year 4 students sit the OC Exam with the hope of gaining a spot in a top class in one of 76 schools across the State. It is a two-year program where students attend full time class with the most gifted students across the State. This is believed to maximize a student’s chances of gaining entry to Selective School in Year 7.

Through many years’ experience in teaching and working in the education sector, the Directors of NSPC have been made aware of a recent trend to a more natural style of intelligence questioning which requires students to think laterally and beyond the general theories that are taught in textbooks or schools. Simple questions on traditional topics like fractions and decimals are becoming things of the past.

The questions that are given in our OC Mock Exams are unique to our OC Training Program and have been formulated by a large group of Mathematics and English educators. There is a general consensus amongst top academics that fluid intelligence (problem solving using natural logic) cannot be taught. Unlike crystallised intelligence, which students can learn through direct teaching and experience, fluid intelligence is an intuitive trait that students either have or don’t have. While the Directors of NSPC agree somewhat with this notion, we also recognize that exposure to carefully written questions can facilitate and foster the ability to reason and connect difficult concepts.

Within our OC Training Program, greater emphasis is placed on abstract and conceptual reasoning. Our comprehension reasoning tests have been designed to measure each student’s ability to understand written concepts and find commonalities among different concepts to manipulate ideas at an abstract level.