How To Enrol

  • Express your interest by filling out the online enrolment form at the bottom of this page

  • Contact the Fairfield Centre by phone on (02) 8730 8470

  • Come in and visit us in person. Enrolments can be lodged from Monday to Friday, 4.30pm -8.30pm at Fairfield campuses or Thursday / Saturday/ Sunday at Parramatta.

After enrolling, a text message will be sent to you within 2 weeks confirming the date and time of your child's examination. This exam is free of charge.


Grading Exam:

Your child will be required to sit a 60 minute Mathematics Grading Exam at the Main Fairfield campus (39 Barbara St). Your child's result in this exam will assist us in placing your child in the Mathematics class most suited to his/her level of ability. This will ensure each student is reaching their full potential by learning at the most appropriate speed and level. It also gives our headmaster an oppotunity to meet the parents and the students.

If you wish to enroll for English tuition, once we have allocated you a Maths class time and day, your child can come up to reception 45 minutes before their maths class and ask for an English grading exam; alternatively your child can sit the exam after their maths class.

For science there will be no grading exam, and if you are interested please ask the front reception for a time and day available.

Please discuss with your child as to which campus you would like to enroll prior to the exam, as during the examination your child will be asked to fill out a form indicating campus preference.


When is the Exam?

The Exam is held on a Saturday morning every 1-2 weeks at the Main Campus in Fairfield.


Criteria for enrolment:

The success of enrolment depends on whether there is a position available in the class at his/her level. Performing well in the exam does not guarantee admission. Positions in our classes are limited; therefore it is unfortunate that we may be physically unable to accept all applications. Parents are encouraged to read our Behavioral Expectation Policy prior to applying.

Successful candidates will be notified within one week. Students will be placed in the classes that are determined by the centre and not based on parental convenience. Hence times of class will be given after the exam results and not before.



The coaching centre runs independently of school terms. Each term consists of ten weeks, and students are required to attend classes during school holidays. The coaching centres generally close in the last few weeks of the year and the first few weeks of the year. The coaching centres also close on Lunar New Year's Day. All parents will be notified of the times that the centre will be closed well in advance.

Enrolment form:

Please fill out all details below carefully, with NO abbreviations and you will receive an email with information about the grading exam. If you do not receive an email immediately, fill out the form again or call our campus directly during operating hours.