First Lesson

When a student attends the centre for the first time, they must present themselves at reception to ensure their names are registered. A receptionist will then confirm the student’s room and teacher.

Students are expected to bow to the teacher and address all teachers and receptionists by Miss or Sir. They are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful way to all Ngo and Sons staff. Prior to a student’s first attendance, students must familiarise themselves with the “Behavioural Expectations” guidelines. Upon entry into Ngo and Sons premises, it is the expectation of the Directors that parents and students have accepted the guidelines that the centre has adopted and any violation of such protocols will result in the termination of the student’s enrolment.

Students are required to bring a 128 page A4 book for class work. Homework is to be completed on separate paper to be handed in. All handouts will be provided to the student and no textbooks are necessary.

Classes are divided into 3 levels: fundamental, advanced and accelerated. In fundamental classes, the content is taught at a speed equivalent to that of schools. In advanced classes, the students are taught the content up to one year ahead of school, while in accelerated classes students can be taught the content up to 2 years ahead of school.

Students are allocated a particular class level which best reflects their performance in the grading exam. They are, however, able to move up or down classes upon reviewing subsequent exam marks and overall class performance including homework standards. If a student is unable to attend their allocated class, please inform the receptionist as there may be alternatives available. Please note, however, that students cannot, under any circumstances, request to transfer to a class of a different level.

In the event that when students commence class at the centre and that class is in the middle of a topic, students unfortunately will not be able to fully comprehend what is taught. In these cases, students will be allowed dispensation from the homework policy. As such, homework marks and exam marks will only be recorded once a student starts a new topic.

Students are always encouraged to ask questions and should never hesitate to ask or feel apprehensive that they are not as competent as students who have been in the class for a longer period of time. Teachers will recognise that there needs to be a period of time for adjustment to new techniques taught as well as the speed at which these concepts are delivered. Students are always encouraged to work at a quick and efficient pace and often new students will initially find this difficult to cope with, but will usually be able to adapt after 3 months. If a class seems too difficult, parents are reminded to always seek advice from the teacher and alternate arrangements can be made.