Core Courses (GEM)

At Ngo & Sons Preparatory College (NSPC), all students engage in our Core Courses as a minimum. Our Core Courses provide a systematic way of teaching students to excel in General Ability, English and Mathematics (GEM).

All classes are graded to group together students of similar abilities so that teachers can convey the teaching material in the most effective and efficient manner. The course content will thus be tailored to each child’s ability.

The teaching structure of our syllabus covers basic principles and theories followed by application of the theory to practical questions which range from simple to difficult. Theory mainly covers the techniques required to solve common English and Maths questions. Subsequently, the more difficult and challenging questions are then covered to ensure that our students are given a head start in comparison with their peers.

Our core classes serve to strengthen the fundamentals of primary school with the ultimate aim of helping our students excel such that they achieve a spot in the Opportunity Class in Years 5 and 6, and also maximize their chances of gaining entry into a Selective School in Year 7.

Homework tasks are set on a weekly basis. This is to reinforce the theory taught in class by having students revise the material and also apply the theory to related questions. At the end of each term students will sit an end of term exam. Students will then receive a report with teacher’s comments regarding progress through the term, based on the end of term exam as well as class tests and homework marks.

Students who are unable to attend a class may request catch up classes. It is the responsibility of parents to arrange time to attend these classes. It may not always be possible to arrange catch up classes that will suit the availability of students and parents; however, the centre will do its best to provide such services.